A Note On Finding Yourself

Dear YOU,

I hope my words find you well.

But most importantly, I hope these words become so wrapped around your heart that they cause it to swell.

I hope they become a soundtrack in the dark.

And if You ever find yourself tripping into self-doubt, they stop You in your track.

Yes, You. I am talking to YOU.

That YOU that you so often try to hide.

The YOU that you for some reason feel like you need to find.

On an adventure, a quest perhaps?

Digging for treasure or are you trying to cover up your past?

The present YOU is GOLD.

So gold that it scares me sometimes.

I’m scared that whenever you feel compelled to go on a journey you put yourself at the back of the queue.

I’m scared that instead of starting the journey with JUST YOU, you are starting to carry around a backpack of things that are actually not true:

Like you must change.

Like part of you must leave.

That you are not good enough and you must rid yourself of all your mistakes in order to achieve- What, exactly?

A new YOU?


What does success even mean if the real you can’t even be there, to tell your truth?

About that time you fell, but your feet never touched the ground.

Like how your weaknesses, that you thought were a burden, actually helped you to stand out.

That YOU.

The YOU that you should learn to appreciate and all of its messy little bits.

The bits that have gone and the bits that have come to stay.

The bits that stick out and those that people said you should tuck away.


And if you ever find yourself struggling to pick them back up, put yourself together and get out of a rut, I hope my words help you to heal.

Not the buzz kind,

Not a quick stitch,

But truly change how you feel.

And when you come back from your adventure and realise that actually, not everything that glitters is new.

And that the present you is not someone that should ever be put at the back of a queue.

I hope these words will remind you of what is true:


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