Don’t Give Up

I am not going to pretend that I know everything that you are going through or the extent of the challenge that you are currently facing. However, I do know that at some point this week there was one thing or another that you probably wanted to quit. Some of those things will be obvious to you and maybe you opened this post in an attempt to receive a sign that you should not give up on them. The others won’t be because they have probably been disguised by one excuse or another. My favourite ones being: I don’t have time for it or I just don’t feel like it.

Quitting is not just an act, it is a mindset. It is the thoughts that lead you to focus on the finish line but never acknowledge the progress. It is your self-discouragement. The internal dialogue that you have with yourself anytime that you cast doubt on what you have to offer.  Quitting is waiting for validation and acceptance before you begin. Quitting is focussing on your imperfections instead of your potential. Quitting is a collection of your expectations, your fears and your frustration.

Your Expectations

We quit whenever our expectations do not match our reality. Whenever we decide to start something new, we usually have an expectation that the journey to completion should be a smooth line. We say that we don’t, but the truth usually appears whenever we face a challenge. We run. We run when we are operating outside of our comfort zone we run. It’s the easier option.

The issue is that quitting can easily become a default position when it is made an option. It leads you to seeing challenges as signs to leave instead of opportunities to grow. It deceives you by making you believe that your race is meant to be easy and whenever it gets hard it blurs your finish line. Don’t allow your high expectations to discourage you from the race.

Your Fears

Perhaps you feel like you are not strong enough to continue, but you have boldness in you. We all do. You have done it before. That last battle that you fought and that you never thought that you could win is a reminder and evidence that you have it within you. That’s not a cliche, it is the truth. You can handle it. Usually, I don’t advocate reflecting on your past but sometimes you have to look back at how far you have come to remind yourself of how far you can go.

The fear of disappointment is probably the most underrated. It makes you scared that if you fail, it will be a confirmation that you are just not enough. So you never give your all and you live your life half-heartedly. You state that you have lost your passion, but really, you have allowed your fears to quench it. In those moments, fight back. Don’t nurture your fears so that they will encourage you to quit. Identify them and challenge them.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be, being all that you can be in this moment. Don’t quit.

Your Frustration

How many times have you put yourself down by telling yourself that you can’t do something?

I was thinking this week about how quitting is just a letter and an apostrophe away. It’s hidden in our language. We quit every day. Any time that you tell yourself that you can’t do something, you quit before you have even started.  Then I started thinking of how many times I have put myself down by ignoring the fact that “I can” is just as much as an option as “I can’t”. I can choose to beat myself up or I can help myself win. I can wait for confidence or I can build it. I can minimise my talents or choose to develop them.

So identify your gap and work towards closing it. The gap between who you are now and who you want to be. People fill in their gap with a variety of things: optimism, religion and even ignorance. I have chosen to fill in my gap with grace. I found God right in between my falls and my elevations. Whatever you are doing to close your gap, be assured that it won’t always be there. Most importantly don’t quit, your progress is just another fight away.

ACT NOW: Identify those areas in your life where you feel deflated. Those places where you have mentally given up but you did not even realise and instead of quitting, give yourself the opportunity to start again.



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